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Why is a Research Problem/Problem Statement Important?

A researcher paper without a problem statement is incomplete! Yes; it is still lacking. For you to come up with a cogent statement of the problem, you have to know why it is important. In this regard, the paper will elaborate on the purpose that the statement serves which will ultimately assist the writer to know how to state it.

  1. Topic being studied

The first purpose of a research problem is to introduce the reader to the topic you are studying. You should always know that a text of your paper will primarily be oriented to the significance of the study, research questions as well as the hypothesis. Bearing this in mind, you will then recognize the role that a well-stated problem statement will play.

  1. Placing the topic in a context

The second role that a problem statement will serve in your paper us to fix the issue in a particular context. It will set the parameters of the investigation that is to be carried out.

  1. Offer reporting framework

Finally, a problem statement will lay a foundation for repowering the results. This will indicate what is probably important to be conducted and how the findings will be presented.

The “So What” In A Problem Statement

A research problem establishes the means through which you must answer the “So What” question. In other words, it is the research problem that survives relevancy test through a measure of repeatability and accuracy.

For a problem statement to serve its purpose, it has to possess the following attributes:

  1. Precision and clarity- one of the things to avoid while stating your problem statement are irresponsible pronouncements. It will lose its flavor once you start making a sweeping generalization. Rather, narrow down to the particular problem. That way, the purpose will be well served.
  2. Demonstrate your issue- show the reader that the feasibility of your study is based on access to information that can be acquired efficiently. Besides showing how the details will have gathered, interpreted and synthesized.
  • Identifies key concepts as well as terms
  1. Articulates the study boundaries- a good problems statement must show the limitations as well as the parameters within which the study will be carried out.
  2. Depicts the study importance– for a problem statement to fully meet its purpose, it has to convey its benefits as well as justify them. It will show that your study is not trivial.
  3. Avoids unnecessary jargon- a problem statement that is overly complex will never meet its purpose.

Following the above-detailed guide, your problem statement will meet its objective hence earn you better grades.