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Thesis Statement and its Importance in an Essay

No single essay can be successful without a thesis statement! It is a vital element. It plays a significant role in controlling the subject matter. Importantly, it will summarize the central theme of the essay stating why it is worth reading it.

If an essay goes without a thesis statement, be sure it will be weak, inadequate and one that lacks focus. That is why this article chooses to let the reader know what thesis statement is all about, as well as its importance in an essay.

Example of Thesis Statement

Its strength will determine the impact of your thesis statement in a given essay! Look at the examples below and know whether you have been making a weak or strong thesis statement.

  1. Indians have shown keen interest in festivals
  2. Diwali remains an important festival to India as a country since it gives them an opportunity to remember traditional legends, celebrate them and enjoy time with relatives.

The first statement is weak. It is too broad and not precise. It is evident that the writer will not be in a position to discuss all Indian festivals. Even though he managed to state his opinion, he does not make the statement clear. In other terms, one will be left wondering, why is the festival interesting. In the second declaration, the writer does not only state his opinion but also narrows down to be specific enough.

As observed above, it is a clear and precise thesis statement that will suggest the direction of your essay to the reader. The details given above will only make your thesis statement clear, robust and important to your essay