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Critical Tips for Writing a Good Summary Essay

When you are requested by your professor to write a summary essay, all he wanted you to do is write an incredibly intricate mix of themes on the given book or article. In such a case, give a detailed description of various aspects of the book or piece of article, and it is good doing so with citations. You have to read critically to ensure the conclusions you are drawing reflect truth and not just what you wanted to see. For you to come up with a top notch summary, follow the following steps.

  1. Break it up- after reading and finding various important themes in the written work, it ‘s nice to break them up depending on their order of importance. Look at different chapters or parts to see what was common in all of them. Be as neat and precise as possible since a single essay cannot carry every point in a book.
  2. Find the book or article focus-once you have managed to break what you are summarizing in into chunks or parts, try to find what focus each part brings along. Some groups or parts of your essay or book will have several features in common, but you need to touch slightly on each theme. However, if arguments in the same chapter, show how they relate to one another.
  3. Select the most critical aspect-this the final step before you start writing the summary. Visit each chapter even if it has different themes try and pick the most important of all and use it in the actual summary. Review your work to know what can be removed without significantly affecting the key theme of each chapter. The intention of this is to distill the essence of each section from other unnecessary parts.
  4. Review your summary- once you have managed to finalize writing your summary, review it to see if every important message of the material you were summarizing has been included. Edit the parts that look repetitive and reinstate the ones that requires emphasis;this is a sure way of  ensuring the final paper is a  an excellent summary essay

Writing an effective summary essay might be difficult especially in paring down to make it as simplistic as required. If you don’t adhere to the facts above, you will always feel running short of the main theme of original work. Never feel as if you violate the rights of original work by drawing content from it; just remember your summary is as unique as the book you are writing about.