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How Can I Pass My Online Exams?

Like all exams, students are always bewildered by the whole process of getting tested. Often what is going to get tested is not known, and in the case of online examinations, they may lack the necessary strategies and skills which enable them in performing best. But the advantage is that the steps in preparation for the online examinations are more or less similar to the in-class tests. The only difference maybe is that online examination needs an environment that requires extra preparation and awareness.

Conceptualizing an Online Exam

Provided below are guidelines used in preparation for an online exam to enable any student to perform well:


Reading and conceptualizing the guideline of the test:  it’s important to be sure that one can answer the questions provided. It’s also imperative to know the timelines, location of taking the test and finally the instructor’s guidelines. Understanding the format of the test: includes having a concise knowledge of which format would get used, i.e., multiple questions, essays, short answer or fill-ins.

Revision using class materials: though the test is an open book, it’s vital to stick on studying and reviewing notes from class work. Effective planning of your time: during the preparation, provide limits that would get applied during the test and decide on the time which would get allocated for each question.

Guidelines during the exams

Avoid leaving the page: If the test allows for online research then avoid at all times using the same tab to search for information. The information may get lost during the examination. What one can do is to open a different browser. Always write the short answered and essay question in word programs: its advised to apply this technique as it allows easy editing and counterchecking of the work. In case of technical hitches don’t panic: upon experiencing online problems just contact the instructors immediately. Provide the details of the problem and the error message that is visible in the screen.

Save and print the question and answers: the process is important because upon experiencing any technical problems then the print out are available. Check time and work: It’s important to set an alarm to notify you when one has limited time during the test. Then check your work to ensure that it’s complete and appears as planned, through reviewing the answers accuracy by checking spelling and grammar mistakes. Final submission: the submission should be done once, but in case of problems try again. If the problem persists during submission contact the instructors immediately and send the print outs as attached documents.