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Ways of Making My History Essays Stand Out

History is a fascinating subject. While some people find it a dull and boring subject that they have to endure, others spend their entire lives researching and reading historical events. Indeed, past events have in a great way shaped events of today. The fact that we can understand our past and origin based on different accounts of history not only make the subject relevant but also interesting.

Some scholars argue that a sound understanding of history can help avoid previous mistakes and make the world a better place. If find history and past events interesting, but dislike writing history essays, worry no more since this article has got you covered. When writing history essays, it is important, to begin with, a strong first sentence. A substantial introduction not only sets the scene but also draws interest in the reader. It is also incumbent to provide an outline of what a reader should expect in your essay. So avoid being ambiguous, it is vital to read and understand the questions since this helps in developing the article. It provides you with the chance to make the examiner interested in your piece.

Additionally, it is prudent to determine the scoop of the questions since history is an immensely vast subject. This helps remove ambiguities and keeps you on the topic. It is important to highlight the key points in the questions before you start writing.


Writing history essays is the major undoing of many students, and it is the cardinal mistake in modern essay writing. It is also crucial to avoid the use colloquialism when writing history essays. Although examiners do not award or award marks based on grammar abilities, proper grammar adds to the clarity and readability of essays. Poor grammar hinders a writer from accurately conveying his/her ideas to the examiner.


History examiners rarely respond to bleeding hearts. It is therefore vital to deviate from personal or emotional arguments. Arguments should be based on logics, supported by sufficient facts and based on historiography. Arguments that have great depth and complexity are much easier to be understood and are often straight to the point.

Moreover, arguments ought to be supported by substantial and irrefutable evidence. Giving general facts in descriptions is not encouraged since they do not add any points to a history essay. Because history is an extensive subject, it is prudent to narrow down a topic to a particular area of an event. Indeed, history is a multi-layered subject and needs a lot of research. Lastly, you employing critical thinking, use of appropriate formats and references has the potential of making essays stand out and score good marks.


History is an enjoyable subject, and no one should term it dull or boring just because they cannot write good essays. With adequate practice and commitment, writing history essays can become fun just as reading historical events.