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How to Write a Classification Essay


Essays come in different forms according to a professor requirement. One of this form is a classification essay. A writer under this section is expected to organize his work, sort into categories. The article will the reader with all the needed skills to come up with an outstanding classification essay.

Steps to an effective classification essay

  1. Make useful categories by sorting things out.
  2. Ensure all the categories follows a single unique and organized principle.
  3. Make sure the examples you give in each category fit there and are relevant.

How do you find these categories?

The first this towards this achievement is make logical classifications. For instance, say you have to sort out a stack of papers on your table. Before you touch the Radom pile, you have to decide the categories that you will have. The same case applies for this kind of essays. Things that fit together has to be gathered together and those that are not related separated.

How to write a thesis statement for this kind of essay

Here shows the understanding of your given topic and how it is classified. For instance, the tourism industry in Africa offers three types of water sports: sailing, snorkeling and surfing.

Tips of making a classification essay effective

  1. Carefully identify the categories.

Show how thorough you can be by not leaving out any critical category. For instance, in the case above for tourism in Africa, one can write about the two types of water sports but leave sailing out. This would make your paper incomplete as people already know that the classification is three but you choose to talk about the two. On the other hand, avoid incorporating too many categories that can lender your classification blurred.

  1. Apply a single principle classification

Once you have made the categories, ensure they are able to fit into a similar organizing principle. This lies in how to sort the groups out. It is not advisable that you allow a different principle to come up in an expected manner. If you are talking about classes in sports, we don’t expect you to start coming up with athletic classification under the same topic.

  1. What to always remember

In all classification essays, the writer has to organize, then sort and leave things into different but unique categories. Ask yourself, what kind, type, and group of objects am I classifying. Only then will you arrive at a good classification essay that will earn you high marks.