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Business Plan Writing Tips

Everything in life requires some professional planning, right? For a business, the same can be said. Writing a winning business plan is however not that easy. There are a few elements that one has to put into consideration before coming up with the plan. The article will highlight and discuss in details the most important of these features.

  1. Begin with an Executive Summary

Make it one or two-page long. It is easiest written after you are done writing your entire plan. The executive part should basically carry a complete overview, and in it make sure your reader is engaged. Again, come up with this part last after the whole thing is put together. Only then can you be sure you accurately summarized your work.

  1. Description of the Business

This is a section meant to let you tell your audience the aspects of services you are offering. History in your arena should also feature here plus any current happenings. The section acts as a backbone to your plan. Basically, it lays a foundation of the details to include in the rest of the plan parts.

  1. What are Your Products and Services?

Under this subheading of the business plan, you should be convincing and let the reader know what you sell and why. How will it be of use to both existing and new clients? What is unique about the product or service you are offering?

  1. Sales and Marketing

Here, you gain a window into the industry. Describe the state of the market you target, general cost of goods and services. Importantly, explain how you plan to set yourself unique from the rest competitors.

  1. Operations

Here, you are expected to elaborate more on the administrative side of the business. Let people know how you do operations, location and who you operate with. What are your legal relationships? Networks and policies? Some of this could be factors of concern that are inevitable.

  1. Tactics and Strategies

Here you are needed to detail your audience about how the information is going to work together. Explain why you think the strategy will work for you and how it has been proven in the past.

  1. Financials

Here you are expected to develop a profitability and revenue model.  Discuss on some of the assumptions made to come up with your model. Importantly, don’t forget to let the reader know why you badly need that stated amount.


Now there you have it! Incorporate the features above and your plan will be turning heads. It will be a winning business plan.