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You will learn more from our frequently asked questions.

What is Whiz Tutoring service?

We are a tutoring firm proving world-class tutoring services to individual clients over the internet. We are the no. 1 outsourced tutors by students taking both undergraduate graduate programs and struggling with their coursework

Is this service legal?

All our services are completely legal and comply with both state and federal laws. As a prospective client, you have nothing to worry about! As confirmed by our past clients and as you will, our skills are exceptional, reliable and genuine.

How can I contact you?

Our contact details can be found here . You are free to contact us by call, text, or WhatsApp, using this number: +1 (234) 253-4320. You can as well contact us via email through thewhiztutor@gmail.com

Is the service confidential?

At Whiz Tutoring, all the services are provided with optimal confidentiality. We do not share our engagements or client details and files with third parties, unless fully authorised by the client.