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Tips for Writing a Good Academic Cover Letter

One of the most common things that your professor will require you to write is a cover letter. The power of a good cover letter can never be underestimated! There are however specific rules that you have to strictly follow to achieve a convincing cover letter. Below re successful and dynamic tips to writing a general cover letter.

A resume can either be academic or focused to job hunting. Whatever it is, the tips described below are very relevant and applicable.

  1. Avoid unprofessional words

Some people tend to use sexiest words thinking thy will make the letter catchier. Unfortunately, the letter ends up being a frustration to them. Sexiest salutations like “cutie, handsome” should be avoided as this is a formal writing. In addition, avoid boring words and specially at the introductory part of your letter. Instead, grab this opportunity to fix the reader’s attention on your paper. The content of this part should be telling the audience why you qualify and what makes you stand out among others.

  1. Adhere to academic structure

Unlike job hunting Cover letters, classical academic cover letters are allowed to be longer. This is one latitude that brings with itself some pitfalls. One of the critical feature in academic CVs is that, they will appear longer and as if they are retelling all that is in the CV in details now. Professionals always advise student under this task to approach it in an essay like format and have everything explained narratively.

  1. Be coherent and evidence based

Whatever you tell in your cover letter should be something to go by. It is wise that the data and information you give are evidence based responding to the questions needed. This will definitely answer a question, why are you better than the rest?

  1. Your identity should be clear

The way you approach the initial section of your academic cover letter will tell if you are qualified or not. In this regard, make the reader have a clear picture of you and that’s the clear identity we are talking about here. This is what will make you shortlisted; being able to standout! Creatively sell yourself best possible without creating anxiety, boastfulness or any of arrogance. Giving facts and figures is one thing that can be appreciated in a big way.

Being yourself is what your entire paper should portly in a very unique way. With the tips above, best grades in any cover letter essay is not an option but a must.