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Writing a Winning Introduction

The introduction of any paper is considered as an essential chapter, and it is often emphasized on because it creates a first impression which cannot be redone. It is an important part of an essay, and this calls for a writer to keep the contents intact while serving the intended objectives. To this end, creating a winning essay introduction requires taking into keen consideration of the following points.

  1. Making the introductory part of the article attention grabbing, maintaining originality and ensuring that readers are engrossed while they are reading. Accordingly, the most appropriate way of writing a persuasive and interactive essay is through providing information which portrays interesting topics on the issue tackled by the article. There is also need for providing a nicely written quote, to sum up, the arguments put forward by the paper. Additionally, the essay also needs to include rhetoric questions which would ensure readers are in difficult situations and giving them a chance to react differently. It is also important to include a story or anecdote in the introduction part as a means of providing personal connection and ensuring the readers are emotionally connected.
  2. The writer should strive to close the gap through laying primary emphasis on the explanation of the importance of the issue under discussion. Additionally, there is the need for the definition of key terms which should be made known to the readers.
  • After the definition of terms and explaining issues under consideration, there is the need for the writer to discuss the magnitude of the situation. This will turn the story into a real-life time topic which is practicable in all aspects.
  1. Finally, the writer includes a thesis statement in which the introduction makes a concluding sentence which bridges the whole article by articulating what the paper discusses. In this section, for instance, a writer can state why an issue should be handled differently and accurately. At this stage, it is important for the essay to support the article’s thesis with underlying undisputed facts on how and why there are necessities for those appropriate drastic measures.
  2. The writer has to develop a roadmap which involves the statement of facts of why extreme measures have to be taken and the need for handling situations in a particular manner.

The points above will definably leave you as the reader with higher chances of writing a convincing introduction.