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How to Write a Creative Essay

When students hear of an essay, they always think of a five-paragraph style of essay learnt in grade school. However, not all essays have such a structure. A creative essay is one of the ones that do not have a defined structure. This type mostly lets you be free to present ideas in your own views. Creative essays fall under the narrative essay category.


Introductory part

Being a narrative type of essay, the first thing to do is to introduce your ideas to the readers. The best way to do so is to set up the scene by detailed description of place and characters. Make a point of using all tactics that may entice the reader to go on reading your essay. The use of symbolism and personification will go a long way to excite a reader. A good start up to your essay might be a flash forward, where you give an event from later in the story, to keep the reader eager to know what leads to such an event.


The Body Part

The best body for a creative essay is the part that develops the story that you want to put forward. This should be divided into paragraphs that set different moods. They also change up the tempo of the story in a way that keeps the reader always interested. As a writer, you are free to bring up various approaches to the story. You can bounce back and forth in a way that creates dynamicity to your story. Transitions, such as therefore and however, should be used to move from one thought to another. Do not be afraid of bringing new ideas as they come up. Just try to infuse it to flow with the rest of the story.


The Conclusion Part

The conclusion is where you sum up the story. This is where you come up with a confrontation that ends with things being resolved. Most of the time, the conclusion is more of toning down of the story as you are trying to create an end, thus it won’t be much of a highlight. Majority of other writers tend to leave the readers in suspense by leaving the story unfinished. This is done by bringing up a confrontation that never ends or is just about to end.

With these tips, be sure to come up with the best creative essay when one is thrown your way.