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How to Write a Definition Essay

Isn’t it amazing that for every english word or phrase in existence today there is almost a universally agreed meaning for it?for one to write a definiton essay, it’s worth noting that one’s main focus will be to bring the reader to a better understanding of the topic their piece of writing will be addressing. this will be achieved by drawing much of one’s writing from the key concepts in the conventional meaning of the topic and bringing in a personal twist.

assuming you already have your topic, this is the way to go about writing a creative piece of  a definition essay. at all times, a definition essay cannot and should not miss these two key elements in the introductory part. they are, the dictionary meaning of the word or phrase and the writer’s own understanding of the word as it applies to them. this should be presented in a clear and conscise way so as not to water down the topic and make the reader lose interest before they even proceed.

most often, even after one familiarises themselves with the meaning of a word or phrase from the dictionary standpoint, it is not always guaranteed that they’ll have a full grasp of it. thus, it’s necessary to go a little bit deeper and expound. at this point, the historical background of the word, it’s origin, a complete dictionary meanings and uses should be given at length.  on the dictionary meaning, irrespective of the one whose meaning one chooses, the fundamental points are all the same across the board. so don’t worry about which publication to use. further, one can as well bring in their understanding emanating from experience. the latter should however be kept short so as to leave room for the writer to picque the readers interest in the conclusion part. this will be achieved by creating a sense of purpose for the reader to have spent their time on the article.


it is obvious that in most instances, whatever a writer chooses to write about is influenced by personal reasons only known to the reader. thus, in summing up a definition essay, the opportunity presents itself where a personal experience can be explained. the impacts of the word or phrase and their context as experienced should be explained in a manner that tries to best create and bring out a sense of usefulness to the reader. make the piece  of writing worthwhile for the reader!