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How to Write a Narrative Essay


Narrative essays are mostly used in the field of research. It is an important skill that one should have as a means of expressing oneself. A good narrative essay guides the reader in a stepwise manner. The reader can then come to their own conclusion. In the essay, an appropriate way of writing narrative essays is discussed.



In order to have a great narrative, it is important to have a good and clear understanding of your content. Conducting prior research and gathering ample information should be the first step. Research gives an understanding of the audience to address too. In lieu to understanding the audience, it is crucial to consider who will be reading the work, why the audience will be reading as well as what information one intends to pass across. With such queries in mind, one will be guided on the kind of language to use, the technicality of the work to write as well as the probability to make assumptions on the level of knowledge of the reader.


Secondly, it is appropriate to create a draft of the narrative. A draft will give one a guideline on the various information needed to include in the narrative. It will also outline what needs to be added to the narrative. As one creates a draft, he or she is able to organize their essay well, make adjustments flexibly besides providing them with a framework for them to construct the essay.


Developing the essay is the next step to writing a good narrative. An eye catching introduction is key. It allows the writer to captivate the reader into getting more engrossed in his or her work. It provides an overview of the topic covered and also gives a clear indication of what the narrative entails.


After development, revision of the work comes next. Proof reading one’s work gives an opportunity for one to make corrections. As one revises their work, they are able to identify the areas that one should add new material in order to give more support to the existing information. To improve the flow and sequence of the work, one may be required to rearrange sentences and paragraphs too. Upon revision, one is also able to replace any parts that contradict each other. In addition, one is also able to remove words that are repetitive in the essay. Finally, it is important to edit your work to ensure that the style and language used are correct.

In conclusion, following these steps will enable one to have an accurate and credible narrative that is sure to win a positive critique from the audience.