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How to Write a Persuasive Essay


Have you ever wondered what makes a difference between essays that makes you want to read more and those that only persuade you to skim through them? This is the power of a persuasive essay. Every writer endeavors to write an essay that will persuade the reader of the message they are trying to pass along. There are various issues one must take into account when writing a highly persuasive essay so it can be awarded a second glance.

Tips on Writing a Persuasive Essay

  1. Have a clear and strong thesis statement.

Using a one-line thesis statement helps get to the point easier and ensure that the stance is strong and active.

  1. Provide factual evidence on the issue at hand.

In making claims that do not make much sense, one has to use evidence to help prove the argument you are making and make sure the reader understands it wholly.

  1. Keep the sentences short, concise and precise.

Using sentences that are to the point and short help the writer makes the argument. The argument must be set out logically so the reader can follow and build through the argument easily.

  1. Use a variety of persuasion techniques that will keep the readers glued to the paper.

There are several persuasion techniques that can be adopted by a writer for them to sound better. These techniques may include repetition, social validation, and the use of the agitation of the problem.

  1. Use firm and authoritative phrases.

Use of phrases that are firm and have the tone that depicts authority makes the reader feel like the author is a trustworthy person. This will ensure they believe what they read since they sound like an expert.

  1. Give the readers a challenge.

As a writer, you have to persuade the readers by challenging them to reevaluate the ideas they have on the issue you intend to discuss. This should be done in such a manner that the reader does not feel confronted or the use of a statement that does not sound crass.

  1. Include counterarguments and refute them accordingly.

In order for a reader to believe your work and squash all doubts they may have on the argument in an essay offers, there must be a mention of counter arguments against the main point. Disapproving other arguments will give a clear depiction of why they should believe it. This is usually done just at the end before the conclusion of the essay.


With these tips, I have no doubt that you can now write an essay that will make your readers thirst for more of your work. Continue with your writing and use the indicated writing tips and this will improve your audience’s attention.