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How to Write an Expository Essay

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Expository Essay is a type of written document that aims at defining some topic or explaining a fact, research and putting down an explanation. The written document should be able to give a solution to a research, define a term compare and contrast and analyze a cause and effects of a research. It can also be termed as some kind of a debate, which its main purpose is to defend or disapprove with your opponent.

When writing an expository essay, the writer should always put his readers question in mind. When the reader is satisfied with the essay that shows you have done a fantastic job.


Types of Expository Essay

There are various types of expository essays:

Comparison Essay: Here the writer is supposed to look on two aspects, analyze and give the similarities and problems between the two.

Problem/solution Essay: In Problem/Solution essay the writer writes about two or more different aspects of the subject giving differences between the aspects and indicating what needs to be done after the findings.

Descriptive Essay: In descriptive essays the writer is supposed to write something unique describing it, here the writer has a lot of freedom since no restrictions as to what to describe according to the subject given.

Process Essay: The purpose of this type of essay is to educate the reader about the procedure of making something. It is somehow educational.

Cause and Effect Essay: This type of essay explains why things happens the way they do.

When writing expository essays as any other type of writing the writer should always have some questions in mind, like the purpose of the essay, motive of the essay and what one is trying to accomplish writing the essay.


Things to Consider for A Good Expository Essay

Before starting to write your essay there are some factors one should consider.

1. Doing a good research on the topic given

Before writing down the essay the writer must ensure a good research on the topic is done. This enhances good flow of ideas and hence minimal time in writing down the essay.

2. Considering the reader

Before you start on an essay put into consideration the readers feeling, will the essay make the reader want to read on? Does the essay answer the question asked?


Thesis statement explains the motive of the essay. A well-researched thesis helps the writers work to flow well without moving out of the context. Thesis statement should not be long and should always go straight to the point.


Always make sure there is flow of ideas when writing expository essays. Always summarize your ideas at the conclusion. Before handing over the essay ensure you have read and read it over and rectify the mistakes you might have done.