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Writing a Poetry-based Essay


It is no doubt that poetry is among the best work of art that exist. Don’t you agree? Writing poems demands a keen eye for the nature and current events. In addition, it requires one to have a good eloquence in the use of language and other features. Analysis of poetry is also another issue altogether. People must have a good analysis method in order to get the information being driven home by the poet. In the essay, proper analysis of poems is discussed.

Poem Reding

It is elementary for one to read the poem more than once. Reading the poem once does not guarantee one to have an understanding the poem. Reading and re-reading the poem will open one’s mind to the theme of the poem. Additionally, the reader will also develop a reaction to the writing. Actively reading the poem will involve jotting down some key notes as one reads. It is important to note the questions asked, making observations and also identifying the feelings of the writer. Furthermore, as one reads the poem, it is important to paraphrase each line and also clarifying the words that might be causing confusion. At this point, a dictionary will come in handy, right?


Subject Determination

After having a clear picture of the words and phrases used in the poem, it is important to determine the subject matter of the poem. Having questions in mind such as Who? , Where? , What? , When? , and Why? , will guide you in identifying the subject of the poem. By identifying the “What”, one will be able to know the plot of the poem, as well as creating a focus on the general understanding of the poem. The question “who” will identify the poem’s speaker. “When” will give an indication off the time in day or history that the poem was written.  “Where” will answer the physical location of the poet. And finally the question all of us ask is “Why” and answering it will give a reason for the poet writing the poem.


Style of the Writer

Understanding the style that the writer uses. There is a variety of styles that the poet can use to develop the poem. They may include, similes, imagery, metaphors, personification and symbolism too. Identifying the tone as well as the evoked mood is another identifier of the writer’s style. Identifying the structure of the poem by looking at the number of stanzas as well as the rhythm will aid to having a good poem analysis.

By following the steps above, one is sure to have a conclusive and elaborate poem analysis.