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Writing an Informal Essay

Informal essays are purposefully written for enjoyment and entertainment, more often in relaxed styles and with certain structures. In the process of writing this type of article, one needs to have a free expression of opinions as opposed to formal essays. Accordingly, informal essays are used in the narration of personal experiences, new issues, and controversies through the utilization of an amusing or conversational tone. The importance of sound is to capture the imagination of the reader, and they are mostly laid back in nature. Most importantly, informal essays are written with associated structures including the purpose, title, body, and conclusion pages.


Regardless of the nature of informality of this essay, there is still a need for a writer to develop a valid thesis statement. A thesis statement acts as a representation of the main ideas and objectives of the essay to readers.


The importance of a title in formal essays translates to simple ones alike and it is often regarded as the most important element in any piece. The importance of a title is to assist one in evaluating whether an essay is worth their time considering that many people will take to read an article based on its title. To this effect, it is of utmost necessity that the title of the article persuades a reader, and in the process assisting them in knowing the essay’s main ideas.


In writing an informal essay, one can make use of techniques in its body. Examples include compression and time inversion skills which are used in stressing crucial points to the reader and focusing on the essay’s middle part respectively. An additional technique used in writing an article is called withholding, and it involves provoking questions from readers of articles with the goal of obtaining information. Finally, foreshadowing is a skill used in informal writing as it requires the use of connotations and it has a series of unpredictability.  Regardless of the techniques used in writing an essay, the body of an article is used in describing the story’s main content. It should also include all important points concerning the topic, and it is paramount for the essay to have a paragraph.


In every article, this section is used in summarizing all important points, the topic, and its intended purpose, and it often connects with the introduction. Most importantly, informal essays must have structures regardless of the purposes for which they are written.

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